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Alaya AI Announces Major Economic System Upgrade and Upcoming Massive Airdrop

New Zealand, 12th Jun 2024 – Alaya AI has announced a comprehensive upgrade to its economic system. As a global leader in distributed AI data collection and annotation, Alaya AI continues its commitment to providing superior data solutions for the Web3 AI ecosystem.

New Economic System Architecture


In this upgrade, Alaya AI is introducing its native governance token, $AGT, with a maximum circulation of 5 billion tokens. $AGT plays a crucial role in the Alaya ecosystem, covering core functions such as platform governance, automatic labeling model development, NFT upgrades, and custom data requests.


Key functions of $AGT include governance and participation, model development, and revenue distribution. First, in terms of governance and participation, users must stake $AGT to engage in community governance, submit and vote on proposals, and participate in DAO governance, such as voting on features and proposals for automatic labeling models. For model development and revenue distribution, users need to stake $AGT to participate in automatic labeling model development, create $AGT reward pools for custom data requests, and share in the revenue generated by the models proportionally.


Additionally, $AGT includes reward mechanisms and NFT-related functions. In terms of reward mechanisms, users can earn $AGT rewards by completing training tasks, achieving milestones, and participating in events. Alaya’s data service revenue will be used to purchase $AGT and redistribute it to the user reward pool to maintain a sustainable user incentive structure. Regarding NFT-related functions, NFT upgrades within specific levels and time intervals require $AGT, and certain advanced tasks also need $AGT staking, unless the user holds a specific Medallion NFT. Users can also stake $AGT to make custom data requests or upload data bundles to earn revenue rewards from automatic labeling models.


New Implications


As part of this upgrade, a portion of the original system will be used for airdrops and activities in the future. The design of this token system upgrade aims to enhance user interaction experience and incentivize more users to participate in the Alaya ecosystem.


Upcoming Airdrop Plan


To celebrate this significant upgrade, Alaya AI plans to launch an airdrop phase in the near future to further encourage active participation from existing and new users. Detailed airdrop plans and participation methods will be announced through official channels, so stay tuned.


About Alaya AI


Alaya AI is a distributed AI data collection and annotation platform that provides high-quality data support for the Web3 AI ecosystem through intelligent optimization, targeted sampling, custom preprocessing, and excellent privacy protection. Our mission is to drive the future development of AI technology through decentralized community solutions.


Alaya AI consists of three composable layers. The interaction layer connects data, community, and AI technology. The optimization layer provides targeted sampling for diverse RLHF data needs and automates data preprocessing. Through the combination of data accumulation, evolutionary computation, and human-in-the-loop iteration, the intelligent modeling layer ultimately achieves automatic labeling.


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Alaya AI looks forward to further promoting the development of the AI data ecosystem through this major economic system upgrade and creating a bright future together with its users.


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