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Altiplano Metals CEO Discusses Expansion Plans Amid Strong Copper and Gold Markets

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Altiplano Metals CEO Alastair McIntyre joined Steve Darling from Proactive to discuss the latest results from the company's underground and surface channel sampling at the Santa Beatriz Copper-Gold-Iron Project. The recent sampling efforts confirmed high-grade copper-gold mineralization within the Santa Beatriz vein complex. In total, 98 samples were collected, completing 37 sampling channels, providing substantial data on the veins mineral content.

McIntyre highlighted the significant potential for further developing Santa Beatriz to enhance its production of copper, gold, and iron. Currently, the mine operates under a permit allowing for 3,000 tonnes per month (tpm), but the company plans to apply for an increase to 5,000 tpm through the appropriate mining authorities. The Santa Beatriz Mine is strategically located just 2 kilometers from Altiplanos existing Farellon Copper-Gold-Iron Mine operation and 13 kilometers from the El Pen processing plant near La Serena, Chile. Both the Santa Beatriz and Farellon mines are iron oxide copper-gold (IOCG) deposits situated within Chile's copper-rich IOCG belt, which is associated with the Atacama Fault zone.

Looking ahead, Altiplano Metals has several strategic initiatives planned. The company aims to report financial and productivity improvements from its mill operations, continue the underground development at Farellon, and explore further opportunities at Santa Beatriz. With the copper and gold markets performing strongly, these efforts are expected to enhance Altiplano's growth and profitability.

Moreover, Altiplano is committed to expanding its asset base while focusing on shareholder returns and maintaining strong environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices. The companys strategy includes not only increasing production capacity but also ensuring sustainable and responsible mining practices that align with global ESG standards.

McIntyre expressed optimism about the future, noting that the confirmed high-grade mineralization at Santa Beatriz and the potential for increased production capacity present significant opportunities for the company. By leveraging these assets and the favorable market conditions for copper and gold, Altiplano is well-positioned to deliver robust growth and value to its shareholders.

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