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Brahma Console Launches LRST Automation Feature for ezETH and eETH Tokens

Berlin, Germany, 3rd April 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, Console, the self-custody and execution suite on Ethereum mainnet, Arbitrum, and Blast, proudly announces its latest feature addition: an advanced LRST automation feature introduced to simplify the trading experience for users of ezETH and eETH tokens.

At launch, Console supports ezETH and wETH from Renzo Protocol and EtherFi with support for more tokens incoming based on demand. Console users can now set up automation to respond to LRST market price changes on Balancer pools and automate buying and selling, getting access to instant liquidity.

Console introduces its pilot strategic LRST automation feature enabling users to automate restaking token trading based on specified price deviations, enhancing asset management efficiency. This automation synchronizes with the Balancer pool and LRST token issuing contract, ensuring users have access to precise market prices monitored on a per-block basis. Additionally, the feature incorporates smart slippage control, initially starting with a maximum slippage of 0.1%, up to a 5% limit. This approach optimizes the order execution rate, giving users greater flexibility and control over their trading strategies.

“The launch of the automation feature underscores our dedication to empowering users with innovative self-custodial solutions for power users and asset managers that deserve superior position monitoring and execution,” as mentioned by the co-founder of Brahma, Alessandro Tenconi. “We remain committed to delivering a unique combination of multi-chain execution tooling for sophisticated crypto users”

Designed for user convenience, our LRST automation feature allows individuals to set parameters such as percentage price differences and maximum slippage, empowering them to tailor their trading strategies to their specific preferences. As the investor harnesses the power of Console’s LRST automation feature, they unlock new levels of efficiency and control, seamlessly executing trades with precision timing and optimal pricing.

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About Brahma Console:

Brahma Console is an on-chain execution and automation environment leveraging Safe smart accounts custody tailored for Asset Managers, DAOs, and power users.

Console allows users and teams launching on Blast L2 to streamline automation and multi-sig processes with configurable delegation, access control, and execution tooling, easily managing multiple Safes while retaining full ownership and independent access to their Safes.

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