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House Lifters Sheds Light on the Perils of Overlooking Foundation Damage

Auckland – House Lifters, Auckland’s premier house lifting and levelling company, issued a comprehensive alert today to homeowners and commercial property owners about the critical risks of disregarding foundational cracks in buildings.

In response to a notable surge in building damages caused by neglected foundation cracks, House Lifters seizes this opportunity to emphasise the importance of immediate attention and repair of such foundational issues. As leaders in structural support services, House Lifters rectifies existing damage and underscores preventative measures to assure long-term building integrity and safety.

The Risks of Neglect

“The structural health of any building is only as sound as its foundation,” states Rod Moore, Chief Operations Officer at House Lifters. “Ignoring small cracks can lead to catastrophic results. It’s not merely about aesthetics – it’s a safety imperative.” Cracks can indicate deeper issues such as soil movement, water damage, or poor construction, which, if unaddressed, escalate into major hazards, including building collapse.

House Lifters’ Call to Action

House Lifters advocates for regular inspection and timely intervention. Their state-of-the-art services provide a lifeline for at-risk buildings and their occupants. Their expertise is preventive and corrective, from house lifting and repositioning to strengthen structures against earthquakes to underpinning and re-levelling to correct uneven settling.

About House Lifters

With years of dedication to preserving the value and safety of Auckland’s properties, House Lifters is known for innovation and reliability in house lifting, house levelling, house repiling, house propping, heritage development, flood management and recovery, earthquake repair, building removals and house relocation.

Their extensive experience with heritage development and sensitivity to the soul and fabric of classic architecture, positions them as a trusted partner in maintaining New Zealand’s architectural legacy.

“Protect your investment, and more importantly, protect lives,” advises Rod Moore. “At the first sign of structural concern, reach out to experts. House Lifters is committed to being part of the solution.”

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