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Addressing Laboratory Fraud in Cannabis

Oakland, California Mar 21, 2024 ( – Cannabinoid inflation, a practice where cannabis testing labs inflate cannabinoid concentrations in reports, is distorting market dynamics and compromising consumer safety. Digamma Consulting, experts in cannabis chemistry, presents regulatory solutions in their latest white paper, Solutions to Cannabinoid Inflation.

Last week, Digamma sent this important scientific white paper to cannabis regulators in 45 states and 2 territories to prompt a nationwide discussion about cannabinoid inflation and contaminant deflation. We have used our 12 years of cannabis analytical chemistry experience to help establish 48 cannabis labs in 16 states. Based on this vast experience, we have developed economical solutions for regulators to change enforcement practices designed to stop the laboratory fraud that has become commonplace and threatens public safety. These solutions are based on over 10 years of direct experience in cannabis testing as well as models taken from well-regulated testing markets such as the FDA and the EPA.

Digamma Consulting’s Proposed Solutions

  • Data Analysis Reports: Adopting uniform data analysis reports enables regulators to identify trends and anomalies, facilitating targeted interventions to improve testing integrity.
  • Suspect Product Checks: Implementing “secret shopper” programs enables independent validation of reported cannabinoid content, ensuring accuracy and consumer safety.
  • Chemical Analysis Laboratory Audits: In-person audits uphold testing integrity by assessing compliance with standards and maintaining the credibility of testing processes.

Digamma’s White Paper

Digamma’s white paper offers practical, low-cost solutions to combat cannabinoid inflation, empowering regulators to uphold transparency and cannabis testing legality.

Read the white paper here.


“As cannabis lab fraud continues to expand, from 2016 to the present, we see a market where brazen labs that manipulate data dominate while honest scientists are rapidly forced out. Despite this alarming trend, solutions are possible, affordable, and implementable, and it is time to let both regulators and the industry know that there is a viable way to remedy this destructive practice.”

-Marco Troiani

Digamma Co-Founder and CEO

Your Cannabis Science Insider

“Chem ID is proud to support Digamma Consulting’s multi-pronged initiative for combating potency inflation and fostering truth in labeling, which is aligned with our overall commitment to chemical data transparency, accessibility, and accountability. As a chemical data platform provider, Chem ID helps facilitate the transfer of data from labs to regulators and other industry stakeholders. We believe that through dedicated software and application expertise, we can enhance testing integrity and ensure effective regulatory oversight and compliance while fostering trust and confidence in the emerging legal cannabis industry.”-Shawn HelmuellerChief Product Officer, ChemIDAbout Digamma Consulting

Digamma Consulting stands at the forefront of cannabis chemistry, dedicated to elevating the standards of safety, quality, and compliance for cannabis products globally. Led by accomplished experts Marco Troiani and Marc Whitlow, whose expertise in chemistry, research and software development ensures innovation and excellence in our endeavors. For a comprehensive overview of our services and contributions, visit the website.

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