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OurPCB Unveils High Volume PCB Assembly Services

China, 27th Jun 2024 – OurPCB, a prominent provider of PCB assembly services, has announced the launch of its High Volume PCB Assembly (HVPCBA) services This new offering caters to the growing demand for bulk printed circuit boards, providing cost-effective and efficient solutions for large-scale production needs.

The HVPCBA services are designed to produce printed circuit boards in batches ranging from a minimum of 1000 units to hundreds of thousands per run. This approach is not only cost-effective but also streamlines production processes by reducing time spent on prototyping, which is typical in low-volume assembly. OurPCB’s advanced capabilities ensure quick turnaround times, meeting market demands with precision and reliability.

“High volume PCB assembly is a significant advancement for the company,” said Ivy Zhao, spokesperson for OurPCB. “It allows the team to provide customers with bulk PCBs quickly and efficiently, ensuring that production targets are met without compromising on quality.”

OurPCB has a 15-year track record and a strong rapport with over 2,000 global customers. The company’s expertise spans various PCB types, including rigid PCBs, flex PCBs, and column grid arrays (CGAs), making it well-equipped to handle large-scale production tailored to specific design specifications for any industry. This experience ensures the delivery of error-free PCBs, even when production challenges arise.

The demand for electronic devices is continually rising, and with it comes the need for accurate and durable PCBs. OurPCB’s high volume PCB assembly services are poised to meet this demand, providing essential components that ensure the proper functioning and longevity of electronic devices.

“Looking ahead, the team is committed to further enhancing the production capabilities and expanding the reach in the global market,” added Ivy Zhao. “The goal is to remain at the forefront of the PCB assembly industry, delivering innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of customers.”

OurPCB’s HVPCBA services leverage advanced technologies and a skilled workforce to deliver high-quality results. The company ensures close communication with clients from the design stage through to delivery, guaranteeing that each project meets the specified requirements and is completed on time.

For those interested in learning more about OurPCB’s high volume PCB assembly services or placing an order, the company offers free quotes and comprehensive support throughout the production process. This commitment to customer service and quality makes OurPCB a reliable partner for businesses looking to scale their PCB production efficiently.

With the launch of its HVPCBA services, OurPCB continues to demonstrate its dedication to innovation and excellence in the PCB assembly industry. By providing cost-effective, high-quality solutions for large-scale production, the company is well-positioned to support the growing needs of its diverse clientele.

Contact OurPCB today to explore their high volume PCB assembly services and discover how they can help meet your production needs with precision and reliability.

For more information about high volume pcb assembly services, please contact the OurPCB team at +86-311-85981900 or email

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